New Chapel Christian Academy

New Chapel Christian Academy (NCCA) has established itself as a school that loves its students and seeks to nurture them into young educated disciples for Christ. Our values are based on the Christian social principles of the Gospel message which is to love God and His creation.

The instructional programs and activities of our school foster a sense of one's uniqueness, the importance of one's relationship with God and others; concern for the development of creativity and leadership; and mastery of the fundamentals of academic learning. Each student will be challenged academically with the employment of the McGraw-Hill World of Wonders Curriculum for grades Prek-4 through 4th while our Preschoolers (Prek-2 & Prek-3) use the Creative Curriculum . We also offer Computer Technology (Smart Boards/Tables in class, computer lab and MicrosoftPro 6 (4th grade ONLY) Physical Education, S.T.E.A.M Classes. 

Our objective is to encourage students to develop their God-given abilities and see them enjoy the process of learning as a result of their efforts. 

New Chapel Christian Academy offers child care for preschoolers Prek-2 through Prek-4 and Elementary Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

It is the policy of New Chapel Christian Academy not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color and/or national ethnic origin in the administration of their educational policies and admission policies.



New Chapel Christian Academy (NCCA) is licensed by the state of Maryland. This license is displayed in the school office. We are also inspected periodically by regulatory agencies to ensure that your child receives the best in the areas of health, safety, and any specific requirements mandated by the state.



Experienced staff will always be on duty to provide attention to all students. NCCA A strives to maintain appropriate student/teacher ratios. Substitutes will be available when teachers and teacher assistants are absent. NCCA staff will continue to receive staff innovative training to enhance and/or build upon their educational knowledge.



The revised Family Rights and Privacy Act became a Federal law in November 1974. The intent of this law is to protect the accuracy and privacy of student educational records. Without your prior consent, only you and authorized individuals having legitimate educational interest will have access to your child's educational records. In special instances, you may waive the right of access to allow other agencies working with your child to have access to those records.







$125 (new Student)  


$75 (returning Student)


Registration + Book Fee + Graduation if it applies


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