BOSS The Movement

Building On Spiritual Substance

Director: Deacon Sylvester Garvin Sr. / Minister Flai Richardson

Trains youth to birth their God-given dreams, visions and ideas into reality. 


  1. Develop the student's self-confidence and self-esteem
  2. Develop the student's leadership abilities. 
  3. Develop the student's ability to speak in public. 
  4. Develop the student's capacity of independence from peer pressure. 
  5. Develop the student's ability to write out his/her plans. 
  6. Develop the student's ability to follow through and complete projects. 
  7. Teach the student to successfully communicate with others. 
  8. Teach the student to share responsibility. 
  9. Teach the student to be punctual. 
  10. Successfully link the student with the business community. 
  11. Build in each student's mind a sense of family with others.
  12. Help student crystallize his/her goals and dreams.
  13. Prepare student to become the Leader ( The Leader rather than the Follower.)