A Place for Adults

There's a place for you here at " THE CHAPEL "


Below you will find a list of the ministries along with a brief description as well as their directors and support directors. If you would like to read more info on your ministry of choice please feel free to click the number following the description. Be Blessed!!


Audio/Visual - Provides audio/visual for the church services and other event as requested.

Communications Ministry - Responsible for the communication between the church and the disciples.

Dance Ministry - Provides liturgical expressions through dance and mime.

Evangelism Ministry - Reaching the lost and equipping the saved to serve.

Marriage Ministry - Directs activities for the married couples of NCBC.

Men's Ministry -

Music Ministry - Provides music for church and ministries.

Nurses Ministry - Provides medical assistance to NCBC members.

Security Ministry - Provides security for the church.

Senior Ministry -  Coordinates activities for the seniors.

Singles Ministry - Coordinates activities for the singles of NCBC.

Sports Ministry -  Handles all church sporting events.

Ushers Ministry - 

Women's Ministry - Coordinates the women's events of the church.